Based in Istanbul/Turkey, Iberia Clinic provides international medical services. Our services include Hair Transplants, Facial Aesthetics, Body Aesthetics, Dental Aesthetics, and Bariatric Surgery.

Iberia Clinic is a member of TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agency Association) with the code 13531 and is accredited by the Ministry of Health.


Each year, we host hundreds of patients from different countries. We provide excellent services to our patients (5-star hotel, VIP transfer, translator, post-operative care). Thus, we ensure that they experience the operation and post-operative process in the most comfortable conditions.

Turkish hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and modern facilities. At Iberia Clinic, we work with hospitals that have certificates recognized internationally, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Our patients’ health and happiness are our priority. Thus, we work with successful doctors. Our doctors have over 15 years of experience. They have participated in international conferences. In addition, they have worked abroad. Our doctors apply innovative treatments with the latest technological tools. Furthermore, our translators accompany the patients during the operations. Therefore, effective communication between the patient and the doctor is ensured throughout the operations.

At Iberia Clinic, we make your dreams come true with our experienced team and high-quality services.


Change Your Life Lorever

Deciding on a physical change is sometimes difficult. If you suffer psychologically and are not happy with your body, with your smile or with your face or hair, do not hesitate to make the decision to change everything forever. As Iberia Clinic we serve you from the beginning to the end to make your dreams come true. Each one of us deserves to be happy and here we fulfill it.

Trust Our Experts

Iberia Clinic unifies services such as cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dental treatment, bariatric operation and medical aesthetics under one roof. For each operation they are attended by the surgeon, doctor or dentists with international experience and one of the best in Istanbul. We work with hospitals that have internationally recognized certificates.

Personalized Attention

Our medical consultants are native speakers of their language and thus we can facilitate perfect communication and make them feel at home. When you return to your country we will also keep in touch with you continuously.

Patient Satisfaction

Our mission is to satisfy your needs and offer you personalized service and attention, creating a unique experience during your stay in Istanbul. Our success is that our patients are satisfied. In Google Review we have 5 Stars from 320 comments so we can assure you 100% Satisfaction on your trip with Iberia Clinic.

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    Our Mission

    • We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most efficient healthcare service.
    • We are working to provide innovative treatments that will be better for our clients’ health.
    • We offer competitive prices so that our clients can reach their dreams and be happier with their bodies.
    • We are devoted to improving our clients’ lives through our excellent team and high-quality services.
    • Our goal is to provide our clients with the most beneficial and healthy aesthetic treatments.

     Our Vision

    We strive to ensure that each of our clients achieves their goals. We dedicate ourselves to providing world-class healthcare and patient services.



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