What is Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) ?

The recovery of the sagging and obtaining a tighter skin structure as a result of aging, genetic factors, environmental factors and frequent weight gain and loss is called arm stretching. While this sometimes occurs with an application that does not require surgical intervention (liposuction), sometimes it is performed together with surgical intervention. If you want to get rid of your visual distress as soon as possible, you can also knock on the doors of the doctors and take the first step to intervene.

In Which Cases Is Arm Stretching Surgery Needed?

Patients with sagging problems due to excessive loss of weight or age-related loss of collagen on the skin are suitable for the arm aesthetics. Patients with no skin problems and excessive skin fat accumulation are ideal patients for arm aesthetics.

Things to Consider After The Surgery

You need to be careful about some issues after the operation. If you consider your doctor’s warnings, the healing process will be healthier and faster.

Weight Lifting

After 2-3 weeks, full recovery will occur, but your bodies may not be ready for weight lifting yet.

Driving Car

After the numbness in your arms has disappeared, you can start driving, however, it is also useful to get approval from your doctor.

Taking a Shower

Since it is a simple operation, you can quickly resume your daily life shortly after the surgery. To take a shower, two-day rest period will be sufficient.

Drug Use

In the postoperative period, you should use the medicines prescribed by your doctor correctly and regularly.

Movement Capability

You will regain your mobility within 1 week, but numbness in the arm may take a much longer period in some patients.

Before After Results


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