What is BBL Surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

BBL Surgery is a cosmetic surgery with a lot of demand recently. The operation consists of an increase in the volume of the buttocks, eliminating the fat in the abdomen to achieve a narrow waist and a curvy body.

How is the BBL Operation?

For buttock augmentation, we first need to extract the patient’s body fat. The fat is removed by liposuction. For this reason this operation consists of two operations; 1) Liposuction, 2) Lipotransfer to the buttocks

Small incisions are made on the buttocks for fat transfer. The areas to be treated in the buttocks are determined before the operation with the doctor to achieve a better appearance and desired roundness.


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    BBL Turkey Iberia Clinic(Brazilian Butt Lift) BBL in Turkey

    Today, more and more women are undergoing buttock surgery to have a fuller, firmer, rounder and higher butt. Men can also take advantage of this operation as much as women.
    Istanbul, Turkey becomes the capital of aesthetics thanks to its medical professionals with experience with international patients on a large scale and its competitive price.

    Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a very safe operation like any other with satisfactory results with their best specialized BBL surgeons.
    The hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technical material and modern facilities. They also have internationally recognized certificates, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

    The Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey offers an effective and safe solution for Women / Men who want to enhance their curvy physique. After the buttock augmentation operation, patients will have firmer buttocks with a natural appearance, which increases their self-confidence.

    To have more information about our medical consultant and free evaluation, you can contact us.

    (Brazilian Butt Lift) BBL in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a BBL (Butt Lifting) cost in Turkey?

    For buttock augmentation, fat needs to be extracted from the patient’s body. The price of the buttock augmentation operation varies in each patient because they are different cases. Before performing lipotransfer, liposuction must be done to the areas that contain body fat. After the evaluation with the doctor, it is decided where to eliminate the fats and it depends on the areas to be treated, days of hospitalization, etc… the price of the operation is changed.

    To have more information about our medical consultant and free evaluation, you can contact us.

    Is fat transfer to the buttocks permanent?

    Lipotransference in the buttocks is permanent thanks to the technique that is applied today.

    Other treatments such as hyaluronic acid to the buttocks are far from permanent and even with time they create an image that is not homogeneous.

    Is anesthesia required in BBL surgeries?

    The operation is performed under general anesthesia and the patient stays overnight in hospital.

    When can I sit down after buttock augmentation?

    It is not necessary to worry about that, because one can sit down immediately after the intervention and we also provide them with a special cushion for BBL to sit on.
    What is inconvenient is lying or sitting directly (without a cushion) on your butt for a long time at least the first few weeks after the operation. It is also recommended to sleep face down to avoid pressure on the buttocks.


    Who is suitable for Brazilian butt lift surgery?

    This operation is especially recommended in cases of;

    • Have few curves
    • Having tissue with accumulated fat in areas such as the abdomen, cartridge belts, backs, legs, arms, etc…
    • Having buttocks with little volume

    Whether you are male or female, you can perform this operation after evaluation with the doctor.

    If you think that you need but not sure about the surgery,  you can contact with our consultants and we do free evaluation with our doctors


    Are there scars after Brazilian butt lift surgery?

    You will not have scars after the procedure, since it is done with small injections and the marks will be hidden.

    How long does it take to recover from buttock augmentation?

    After the operation it is necessary to avoid lifting weights, strenuous physical activities for at least four weeks. Depending on the result of your operation, the doctor informs you about the duration of abstinence from activities and the recovery period.


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