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Breast surgery gets usually associated with breast augmentation, but actually it´s a set of surgical techniques whose objective is to give shape or reconstruct patient’s breast for different purposes: not just breast augmentation, but also breast reduction, breast lifting, breast reconstruction, etc.

As Iberia Clinic we offer to the patients a wide range of options in breast aesthetics, using the most modern techniques performed by the best and most skilled doctors, with the ultimate aim of making our patients recover the ideal figure for their chest.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery in Turkey

We work with the best hospitals in all Istanbul, for your comfort. At Iberia Clinic you can find the best doctors in Turkey, we work with internationally recognized doctors with many years of experience in their field. We will be more than happy to help you and change your life completely. For free evaluatón you can contact with our experts.

1.Breast Augmentation

This type of mammoplasty is highly demanded by many women -and sometimes also by men- who after going through a pregnancy or after breastfeeding notice that their chest has become saggy, or simply because they wish to increase their size due to aesthetic considerations.

By using this procedure, the size of the breast is increased using silicone or adipose tissue from the patient herself -which does not generate tissue rejection- to make breast reach the desired volume.


2.Mastopexy (Breast Lifting)  

Due to factors such as age, weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, breast may look saggy, something that is especially frequent over the years in medium-sized or large breasts. By using the surgical technique known as mastopexybreast lifting– the breast is modified so that it can recover its normal shape and position.

This usually makes patients regain confidence and self-esteem once they see their breasts rejuvenated, more symmetrical and beautiful. Mastopexy is often performed together with an increase in breast size using breast implants (augmentation mammoplasty), because the breast is often empty.

It can also be associated with a reduction mammoplasty if the breast is too large and the patient seeks to reduce its size. Breast reduction is usually necessary for health reasons; many women with a large breast size suffer from physical discomfort -mainly in the back- or feel that the excessive size of their breast interferes with their normal life. It is important to remember that after a reduction mammoplasty, a woman will not be able to breast-feed.

3.Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, which receives the technical name of reduction mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure whose objective is to make the breasts smaller and in proportion to the rest of the body.
The weight of large breasts generates pain, spinal deformities, severe back pain, low back pain, stooping, scoliosis and other pathologies, all associated with the weight of the breasts.
It also prevent freedom of movement and generates problems when performing physical activities.

4.Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery Of The Breast For Cancer Patients

In case of breast cancer treatments, very often is necessary to resort to removing one or both breasts. Reconstructive breast surgery techniques have greatly improved in recent years, and modern methods are being used in Turkey today to reconstruct an entirely new breast using tissue from the body itself, from an implant, or by combining both.

Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after removing the breast, in the same operation: this is the case, for example, if a preventive mastectomy is performed (to prevent the risk of breast cancer). But sometimes this is not possible, especially if other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy have to be carried out later; in this cases, the surgeon may recommend performing part or all of the reconstruction process once the treatment has ended.

5.Mastectomy For Men

Mastectomy is performed in men when patient seeks to reduce his chest for aesthetic or health reasons. This surgical technique removes the excess of mammary glandular tissue or the adipose tissue, to achieve a smooth and symmetrical chest, recovering a much more attractive and masculine appearance. In some cases this surgery is accompanied by a reduction in the size of the areola and the nipple to improve the final result.

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