Softenings or fattings occur in the lower jaw area for many reasons such as aging, excessive weight gain or genetic factors. These developments cause the skin to become loose and the face shape to deteriorate and make the person look older than they are. Fat excess in the lower jaw area is also a reason for this aged appearance. Sometimes the neck may become unnoticeable as a result of the fatting of the lower jaw region. Our patients who are uncomfortable with this situation generally prefer neck lift surgery.

Problems such as fat in the neck area, loss of elasticity or sagging may occur. For patients who have these problems but do not need a face lift operation, a neck lift operation is performed by creating an incision by imitating the natural folds under the jaw.

What Should Be Done Before Neck Lift Surgery?

A health check should be entered in a reliable center and it should be determined whether there is any health problem for this surgery.

Aspirin and aspirin-based medication should be stopped 10 days before the operation. All alternative medicine and herbal tea (except black tea and green tea) should be abandoned. Likewise, the use of all these should be stopped along three weeks after the surgery.

It is necessary to be careful in some details in order to heal quickly and properly and not to disrupt blood circulation and vascularization. Therefore, smoking should be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery and smoking should not be started until at least 4 weeks after the surgery. As before any operation requiring anesthesia, all food and beverage consumption must be finished at least 8 hours before the surgery.

Pre-Operation Interview and Preparing the Patient for the Neck Lift Surgery

Before you have a neck lift, your doctor will consult with you to evaluate your health and to discuss your surgical goals and expectations. Your doctor will then decide on the surgical method that works best for you. He or she might suggest additional procedures — such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery or skin resurfacing — that might help give you the results you desire

  • It is recommended that you do not use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewelry at home while coming to the hospital on the surgery day.
  • You should be in the hospital about two hours before the surgery.
  • When you come to your reserved room, you will be given an oral medicine if you wish and this will relax you.

What is the Post-Operative Process of Neck Lift Surgery?

Aesthetic neck lift operations should be performed under general anesthesia in any properly equipped hospital. The process takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. A drain is placed under the neck to prevent blood accumulation. The drain usually stays for 1 day and you can leave the hospital after 1 day when the drain is removed.

If an attempt is made under the jaw after the operation, a bandage is applied under the jaw and this bandage remains for 1 week. After the surgery, conditions such as tension, pain, bruising, edema (swelling), and numbness on the skin surface may occur in the neck area and these situations are quite normal. Pain is not uncomfortable and can be easily controlled with painkillers. You can recover enough to travel by plane 2-3 days after the surgery.

One of the most important issues after this surgery is sleeping without a pillow for 2 weeks. Because the use of pillows will cause stretching of the repaired structures in the neck and softening before recovery.

If attention is paid during the postoperative period, the neck area is a very fast healing area. It is possible to return to your business life within 1-2 weeks. The pain is almost nonexistent after this operation.

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