Body Aesthetic

Body  Aesthetic Operations are;

1.Breast Aesthetics

2.Tummy Tuck


4.Leg Surgery

5.Arm Surgery

6.BBL (Buttock Lift)


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Deciding on a physical change is sometimes difficult. If you suffer psychologically and are not happy with your body, with your smile or with your face or hair, do not hesitate to make the decision to change everything forever. As Iberia Clinic we serve you from the beginning to the end to make your dreams come true. Each one of us deserves to be happy and here we fulfill it.

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Iberia Clinic unifies services such as cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dental treatment, bariatric operation and medical aesthetics under one roof. For each operation they are attended by the surgeon, doctor or dentists with international experience and one of the best in Istanbul. We work with hospitals that have internationally recognized certificates.

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    1.Breast Aesthetics

    Breast Aesthetic Surgery is usually associated with breast augmentation, but in reality it is a set of surgical techniques whose objective is to shape or reconstruct the patient’s breast for different purposes: not only breast augmentation, but also breast reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction, etc.

    As Clínica Iberia we offer patients a wide range of options in breast aesthetics, using the most modern techniques performed by the best and most qualified doctors, with the ultimate goal of making our patients regain the ideal figure for their breasts.

    This type of operation is highly demanded by many women and sometimes also by men, who after going through a pregnancy or after breastfeeding notice that their Breast has become flaccid, or simply because they want to increase its size due to aesthetic considerations.

    Breast augmentation

    Through the use of this procedure, the size of the breast is increased using silicone or adipose tissue from the patient that does not generate tissue rejection to make the breast reach the desired volume.

    Mastopexy (Breast lift)

    This usually restores confidence and self-esteem once patients see their breasts rejuvenated, more symmetrical and beautiful. Mastopexy is often performed in conjunction with an increase in breast size using breast implants (augmentation mammoplasty), because the breast is often empty.

    It can also be associated with a reduction mammoplasty if the breast is too large and the patient seeks to reduce its size. Breast reduction is usually necessary for health reasons; many women with large breasts experience physical discomfort mainly in the back or feel that the excessive size of their breasts interferes with their normal life. It is important to remember that after a reduction mammoplasty, a woman will not be able to breastfeed.

    Cosmetic nipple surgery and breast reduction in case of asymmetry

    The vast majority of women have breast asymmetry; that is, your breasts show differences in size, height, or shape (including the shape of both the breast and the nipple). However, these differences are only striking to the point of being an aesthetic problem in 15% of cases.

    Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery for cancer patients

    In the case of breast cancer treatments, it is very often necessary to resort to the removal of one or both breasts. Reconstructive breast surgery techniques have improved greatly in recent years, and modern methods are being used in Turkey today to reconstruct a completely new breast using tissue from the body itself, from an implant, or a combination of both.

    Mamectomy for Men (Male Breast Reduction)

    MastectomyIt is performed in men when the patient seeks to reduce their breast for aesthetic or health reasons. This surgical technique removes excess glandular breast tissue or adipose tissue, to achieve a smooth and symmetrical breast, recovering a much more attractive and masculine appearance. In some cases this surgery is accompanied by a reduction in the size of the areola and the nipple to improve the final result.

    2. Abdominoplasty

    This surgery, which is known as “Tummy Tuck Surgery” in the public and as Abdominoplasty in the medical literature, is an operation in which excess fat in the abdomen and sagging skin are removed. Abdominoplasty is a surgery that eliminates overweight and obesity. Therefore, if you have a need to lose weight before surgery, you must first lose these weights.

    3. Liposuction

    What is liposuction (fat removal surgery)?

    Liposuction is one of the medical methods of fat removal. Liposuction is popularly defined as the removal of fat. With this surgery, fats that form in certain parts of the body more than normal and cannot be destroyed in any way are removed from the body by surgical method. Liposuction is not a way to lose weight; instead, it is a method of sculpting the body. In this procedure, local fat is removed with a thin tube while negative pressure (suction) is applied. 

    4. Leg Lifting Surgery

    Leg Lifting Body Aesthetic surgery is a method used to eliminate sagging in the leg areas due to aging. Treatment is done surgically. The success rate of thigh lift treatment is high. For this reason, this surgery is among the extremely widely performed operations in Turkey. It is especially preferred by women.

    5.Arm Lifting Surgery

    What is arm lifting surgery (brachioplasty)?

    Arm lifting is a surgical procedure aimed at relieving loosening and skin excess on the elbow, especially in women. The purpose of surgery is not only to thin the arm, but also to make it more tense.
    While this sometimes occurs with an application that does not require surgical intervention (liposuction), it is sometimes done in conjunction with a surgical procedure. If you want to get rid of your visual distress as soon as possible, you can also knock on doctors’ doors and take the first step to intervene.

    6. BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

    BBL Surgery in Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift)

    This body aesthetic operation is called as  buttocks and also gluteoplasty. It is a cosmetic plastic surgery application that makes the buttocks look fuller and more vital. It is a highly demanded technique today for its good results and ideal for people who want to improve the appearance of this area of ​​the body, who have little volume or when the passage of time requires a buttock lift to regain firmness.

    Butt Lifting

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