If you have a very round face with a lack of angles and features then you may benefit from the benefits of a bichectomy. After a bichectomy, women no longer have to highlight their cheekbones with makeup.

And men will have a more marked and angular jaw.

There are also other benefits of bichectomy that you should know about;

Benefits of Bichectomy

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  1. Improves the symmetry of the face and in many cases helps the patient look younger
  2. A contoured face is achieved. Make up this area will be a thing of the past!
  3. Greater definition of the jawline is created.
  4. The facial oval is outlined and the face is elongated, obtaining a more stylized appearance.
  5. The results of the bichectomy are permanent; the bichat balls do not reappear over time.
  6. The surgery does not leave visible scars because the intervention is performed from inside the mouth.

If you are considering a bichectomy, free consultation now and one of our medical consultants will contact you.

During a consultation, your expectations, general health, and questions about any medical conditions or allergies you may have will be assessed. In addition, pictures of your cheeks will be taken and the procedure will be discussed in detail, including recovery time and possible risks and complications.


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