Why Turkey Is Famous For Performing Hair Transplant?

Turkey is famous for performing hair transplant at relatively lower prices compared to other countries. Howe

However this does not mean in any way that their clinics may offer poor quality services. It is because costs in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries and results are more successful because of well equiped professional experienced team.
This allows the hair transplant clinics in Turkey to offer competitve prices with fast recovery and satisfied results. 

Even if you add accommodation costs, VIP Trasnfer and personal attendance  to the billing; it won’t reach 50% of the price rate applied in some other countries.
That’s why numerous patients more and more interested in travelling and receiving a hair transplant in Turkey that is specialized in hair transplantation and hair treatments.
For this reason, Turkey  has become the ideal destination for many people who are looking for hair cosmetic surgery or other aesthetic operations.

Here are some statistics to get a better idea of the medical field in Turkey;

Approx. 7 billion people live in the world and 389 thousand people graduate from this field whereas Turkey has a population of 80 million people and 75 thousand students study in one hundred schools of medicine. As such, 150 doctors per 100 thousand people, which is the number of doctors per capita in high-income level countries, has been reached in Turkey. According to OECD report, with an average rate of 10,6 per 100,000 inhabitants, in Turkey there are more med school graduates than in Greece, New Zealand, France and USA.

After years of experience , it is assured that patients will find high quality and effective procedures in terms of treatment style and cost in general. However, these appealing opportunities offered by Turkey for hair transplantation are only valid if a procedure is performed in a reputable clinic with an experienced, qualified doctor and a highly trained medical staff.

Things to look at when choosing the right hair transplant specialist

A Doctor’s Medical Training and Experience Level: Clearly, the decisive element appears to be the experience that your doctor has when it comes to getting a hair transplant.

Percentage of satisfied patients: it is also crucial to be informed about the number of satisfied patients left from the clinic.

As Iberia Clinic we have successfull results and 100% Patient Satisfaction for hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery.

Before After Results

Treatment Summary

Operation Lenght
5-8 Hours
Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay
Full Recovery
1-7 Days
Return to Work
Life Time Warrity
Luxury Hotel
VIP Transfer


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The hair grows the first month after the graft, the upper part of the hair falls out (it is normal), the third month begins to grow again and in six months the patient sees almost 70% of what the final result will be, all the process takes a year to complete. Period after which you will wear magnificent hair again.

    Hair graft surgery lasts approximately 6-8 hours depending on the number of follicles that are going to be transplanted to the patient in the intervention.

    Hair graft can be performed in patients who have alopecia and are between 18 and 70 years old. The intervention can be performed on both men and women. In women, the case is treated in a different way because the reasons for hair loss in men is DNA, that is, the production of a male hormone that causes the follicles to fall, especially in the front and crown of the hair. the head where blood circulation is highest. In women this fact does not occur for that reason, before carrying out a hair graft treatment in women, we have to find the reasons for the loss. Before deciding if you can carry out the hair transplant treatment or not, blood tests such as Ferritin, Ferro, Thyroid ... among others, and also a visit to a gynecologist are requested. If there is a problem in the results of these tests within the established parameters, the patient could not perform the intervention.

    The maximum number of follicles that can be grafted in a hair transplant is 5000 to 5500. This always depends on the need (size of the alopecia) and availability (amount of hair in the donor area of ​​the head).

    The capillary graft is an aesthetic operation that does not require hospitalization of the patient. The patient leaves the hospital / clinic just after finishing the intervention. The third day after the graft, the patient can start working always paying close attention not to hit the head, not spend a lot of time in the sun and in places where there are many dust particles or similar in the environment.

    Patients should protect their scalp from the sun for about a month. This is not intended to stay indoors, just wear a hat or cap to protect against sunburnPatients should protect their scalp from the sun for about a month. This is not intended to stay indoors, just wear a hat or cap to protect against sunburn.

    We ask you to think about your back, your head on some cushions. By raising your head, the cushions lessen any swelling that usually occurs after hair transplantation.

    You can safely go home the second day after the procedure. Staples can be easily removed in the patient's hometown. We provide easy-to-use instructions and staple remover for any healthcare professional. There should be no other reason to return other than an optional one-year follow-up.

    Fibrosis, commonly known as scarring, is the skin's way of healing. Scars in transplanted areas are generally not very visible and the micro-technologies we currently use make them almost imperceptible.

    Usually the grafts can be dislodged during the first 10 days after the operation, so be careful not to rub the sculpture during this period. The grafts are firmly fixed and are permanent later; after 2-3 weeks, they cannot be dislodged, not even by rigorous washing. A limited amount of transplanted hair can fall out. This is a normal reaction and this loss is called "shock loss." There is no need to worry as all the roots (or follicles) of the hair remain healthy and in place; it does not mean loss of transplants.

    Mild pain can be expected for the first two days after treatment, caused by anesthesia. But afterwards you will feel good and can continue your daily and professional life.

    Hair implantation is a very simple procedure that does not pose any risk to the patient. Before starting the procedure, a full test is performed to ensure that the patient is fit for treatment. In very rare cases, infection can occur if the patient does not fully follow postoperative instructions. It is easily treatable with antibiotics.

    The operation is not painful at all. We use local anesthesia to avoid pain, and we provide a pain reliever for the first two days after the procedure to avoid pain or discomfort.

    We prefer not to evenly distribute the transplanted hair. If we focus on the front line, it will disappoint to give it a natural look. The facial frame is the most important, covering the upper part is next and if the patient has a rich and dense donor area, then the hair can be added to the crown.

    Hair implantation consists of extracting the hair follicles from a certain area that is normally the nape (the back of the head) so that it does not damage the donor area and does not leave scarring, and re-implants these follicles in the bald area or well bald. This operation is performed under local anesthesia. The extraction is carried out with a micro motor that removes the roots of the hair.

    We provide the best services with affordable prices. Our prices depend on the chosen hair transplant method. We have set prices for different methods and all costs include postoperative exams and medications; no additional payment will be required for any reason. We do our best to offer you the best value for money with our competitive prices. Please contact us to be informed of the prices of our packages.

    Hair follicles taken from your donor area are genetically and naturally resistant to the factors that caused your original hair loss, they will continue to grow throughout life, as if they were left there and not transferred anywhere.

    Because the implanted follicles are extracted from the same body that will receive them, they will produce natural hair that will perfectly match the original in color and shape. It is important to choose the correct procedure and the correct clinic to obtain the best results. When your hair begins to grow, it will be impossible to determine which hair has been transplanted.

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