Stem Cell For Hair Loss

Are you frustrated, with thinning hair or the appearance of spots? You’re not alone in dealing with this issue—many people around the world are looking for ways to address patterned hair loss. With nearly a third of men and 40% of women over the age of 25 encountering hair loss to varying degrees

We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Stem Cell Therapy treatment carefully designed to revitalize and restore hair bringing back vibrant locks. Our commitment is to provide solutions that empower our patients helping them regain confidence and embrace their selves.

Take the first step toward to revitalize your hair and embrace a more confident, radiant you.


Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss is a unique and uplifting experience. This transformative process begins by delicately harvesting stem cells from the body, often sourced from the nurturing embrace of fatty tissue.

After extraction, the harvested stem cells undergo activation to stimulate their transformation into specialized cell types capable of replacing damaged or missing hairs.

The stem cells are then delicately injected into the targeted region of the scalp. As these activated stem cells come to life, they have the remarkable ability to generate new follicles, contributing to the revitalization of healthy hair growth in areas where hair loss has occurred.

What sets Stem Cell Hair Treatment apart is its remarkable ability to reawaken the beauty of natural growth without the need for invasive surgeries or continuous medical interventions.

This isn’t just a treatment; it’s a celebration of renewal, a journey that empowers you to reclaim the confidence and joy that a full, flourishing mane brings.

Here are the benefits of stem cell application as hair loss treament:


Hair Follicle Stimulation

Stem cells have the potential to stimulate hair follicles, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Hair Regeneration

The application of stem cells may contribute to the regeneration of hair in areas where hair has thinned or been lost.

Dermal Papilla Cell Activity

Stem cells may influence the activity of dermal papilla cells, which play a crucial role in hair follicle function and hair growth.

Improved Hair Quality

Stem cell therapy may lead to improved hair quality, including increased thickness and strength.

Treatment of Alopecia

Stem cell therapy is being explored as a potential treatment for different types of alopecia, including androgenetic alopecia (common male and female pattern baldness) and alopecia areata.

Faster Recovery from Hair Transplants

For individuals undergoing hair transplant procedures, stem cell treatments may aid in faster recovery and improved graft survival.

If considering stem cell therapy for hair loss, individuals should consult with qualified healthcare professionals or dermatologists who can provide accurate information based on the latest scientific evidence and guide them in making informed decisions about their hair health.


Change Your Life Lorever

Deciding on a physical change is sometimes difficult. If you suffer psychologically and are not happy with your body, with your smile or with your face or hair, do not hesitate to make the decision to change everything forever. As Iberia Clinic we serve you from the beginning to the end to make your dreams come true. Each one of us deserves to be happy and here we fulfill it.

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Iberia Clinic unifies services such as cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dental treatment, bariatric operation and medical aesthetics under one roof. For each operation they are attended by the surgeon, doctor or dentists with international experience and one of the best in Istanbul. We work with hospitals that have internationally recognized certificates.

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